The Badlands - Spring Break Road Trip

I wanted to plan a fun activity with my littles for Spring Break, my boys have been loving dinosaurs lately and they are all interested in fossils and minerals so planning a spring break road trip to Drumheller was an easy choice.  I remember the fascination I felt as a kid exploring the Hoodoos and the museum and I wanted my own littles to feel the same.  Day one we explored the Royal Tyrrell Museum ... the kids were in awe of all the large scale dinosaurs!


We also checked out Fossil World, was the kids favourite of all!  They dug for fossils and mined for crystals the best part being they were able to keep a few as souvenirs.  The huge mechanical moving T-Rex was a hit.. well maybe not for Jordan, he kept his distance!

Of course a stop at the worlds largest Dinosaur was in order.. they thought it was so cool to be standing in the mouth of the dinosaur and looking out over the town of Drumheller.

Being this was the kids first hotel stay since they were babies, the mandatory bed jumping was in order.  We spent hours in the pool and on the waterside and enjoyed an early evening of movies and popcorn in bed!  

Day Two. The Hoodoos!! personally they were my favourite to explore, and the boys enjoyed adventuring through the little tunnels and hiking up the hillside.  

On our way home we made a stop at the spectacular Horseshoe Canyon.  Carefully making our way down the steep hillside into the canyon, we ventured the trails and built inukshuks ate our picnic lunch before heading out. Dumheller was a perfect little place to visit with so many activities and places to visit during our spring break, we can't wait to go back!