The Ellis'

Sherrie:  the head honcho behind the blog, momma to my wilds, wife to my amazing man.  I'm a talker, lover and a hugger.

Levi:  the pack leader to our tribe, fun-loving dad to our littles, supportive husband.  Fanatic for anything extreme.

My Three Wild: 

Taylor:  the big sister, daredevil, sociable, free-spirited.

Jesse:  the older twin, charmer, chatty, lovebug.

Jordan:  the little man, feisty, the grinner, momma's boy. 

We are big hearted family exploring and seeking adventure.  We love the outdoors; especially the mountains. Camping trips, bonfires with marshmallows (of course), pedal bike rides and visits to our little lake are a just few of things that makes our hearts smile.

Come tag along in our adventures!





photo credit: Pinball Photography